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Wikipedia PraisonAI Integration

pip install wikipedia langchain_community
from langchain_community.utilities import WikipediaAPIWrapper
class WikipediaSearchTool(BaseTool):
    name: str = "WikipediaSearchTool"
    description: str = "Search Wikipedia for relevant information based on a query."

    def _run(self, query: str):
        api_wrapper = WikipediaAPIWrapper(top_k_results=4, doc_content_chars_max=100)
        results = api_wrapper.load(query=query)
        return results
# agents.yaml
framework: crewai
topic: research about nvidia growth
    backstory: An experienced researcher with the ability to efficiently collect and
      organize vast amounts of data.
    goal: Gather information on Nvidia's growth by providing the Ticket Symbol to YahooFinanceNewsTool
    role: Data Collector
        description: Collect data on Nvidia's growth from various sources such as
          financial reports, news articles, and company announcements.
        expected_output: A comprehensive document detailing data points on Nvidia's
          growth over the years.
    - 'WikipediaSearchTool'