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Integrate with Tools

from praisonai import PraisonAI
from duckduckgo_search import DDGS
from praisonai_tools import BaseTool

class InternetSearchTool(BaseTool):
    name: str = "InternetSearchTool"
    description: str = "Search Internet for relevant information based on a query or latest news"

    def _run(self, query: str):
        ddgs = DDGS()
        results = ddgs.text(keywords=query, region='wt-wt', safesearch='moderate', max_results=5)
        return results

# Example agent_yaml content
agent_yaml = """
framework: "crewai"
topic: "Space Exploration"

    role: "Space Researcher"
    goal: "Discover new insights about {topic}"
    backstory: "You are a curious and dedicated astronomer with a passion for unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos."
        description: "Research and compile information about exoplanets discovered in the last decade."
        expected_output: "A summarized report on exoplanet discoveries, including their size, potential habitability, and distance from Earth."
      - "InternetSearchTool"

# Create a PraisonAI instance with the agent_yaml content
praisonai = PraisonAI(agent_yaml=agent_yaml)

# Run PraisonAI
result =

# Print the result